Steampunk floor lamp “Camelot”

4 500 $

A lamp in the medieval style of Camelot, created according to the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. This work uniquely combines the era of steampunk and the legend from the books. This lamp will be the focus of any space, wherever it is installed. Pleasant lighting, creating an atmosphere of mystery and mystery, which corresponds to the spirit of the medieval era. The details of the lamp are made of brass, patinated and aged. The main characters of the lamp King Arthur and the knights are completely unique and inimitable. The lamp has 7 backlight modes, 3 main and 4 combination modes.
The first mode includes 5 lampshades, the brightest mode, it illuminates the knights from above (the color of the lamps can be changed)
The second mode, the illumination of the stained glass window is blue, incredibly beautiful illumination in the dark.
The third mode is the illumination of a glass prism hidden in the center of the cross at the top of the lamp. The other four modes are combinations of the first three in different versions. For the operation of the lamp, a switch was made to control the foot, with just one key.









Dimensions: Length 51in x Width 15in x Height 15in
Weight: 22lbs
Material: brass, glass , patined wood
Lamp: 12V diode lamps + a set of spare diode
Power wire: 12V adapter (EU, UK, US, Australia) (110-220V) no additional adapters, power supplies exactly for your outlet standard.

The lamp was created taking into account the maintenance of all details, access to all lighting elements was thought out. The lamp is fully disassembled and suitable for transportation


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