Having received wide distribution and sufficient development in the field of literature, steampunk gradually entered everyday life. One of the cases of such everyday life is steampunk in the interior. Fans of this culture or people who just like this style have been equipping their real estate objects with unusual futuristic furniture for a long time.

Since steampunk is closely related to technologies and mechanisms, it is also closely related to the theme of travel. Futuristic airships, ships, submarines, cars – all this often becomes the main images in the items of accessories.

Although the style of steampunk is one of the directions of futurism, massiveness prevails in the objects of this style: heavy wood, metal, and thick glass are the main materials from which steampunk furniture is made.

As steampunk implies the embodiment of various elaborated mechanisms, great attention is paid to the details: gears, pistons, engraved metal cases connected by stylish rivets, and other small details – no one element of steampunk-style furniture can do without these elements.

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