Steampunk lamp “Brooklyn”

2 500 $

Table lamp in steampunk style “Brooklyn”. A lamp with 4 modes of operation and a fascinating night illumination. One of the modes allows you to use a lamp with a focused light on the table, it is enough for reading and writing. The second mode will allow you to illuminate the room 360 degrees. The third mode includes all light sources. The fourth mode highlights the ventilation shafts at the edges of the stand, as well as the glass legs from below, on which the lamp stands. For this model, a scheme for sorting modes with one key was specially developed. The lamp is made only of brass parts and oak. Completely handmade, the most thoughtful access to the maintenance of all elements of the lamp, light sources, power supply, switch. It is possible to change the color of the backlight, change the length of the wire from the lamp to the outlet. I am sure this work will serve not only as a lamp but also as a source of inspiration.






Dimensions: Length 7in x Width 12in x Height 15in
Weight: 2,5 lb
Material: brass, glass, oak,
Lamp: 12V diode lamps + a set of spare diode
Power wire: 12V adapter (EU, UK, US, Australia) (110-220V) no additional adapters, power supplies exactly for your outlet standard. Extension cable 2 meters.

Included with the lamp is a power supply for your type of outlet, a handmade switch, spare LEDs. Before sending you will receive a lot of photos of your lamp, we will discuss all the details until we are sure that you were satisfied.

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 15 in
Production time

The production time of the lamp is 25-30 days


Please read the customs regulations of your country before ordering. Customs duties may be charged

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