Steampunk lamp “Galileo”

500 $

Steampunk desk lamp Galileo is straight out of the fantastic steam era. Ideal combination of brass wood and glass. Every detail is hand made and soldered. The lamp contains very bright, replaceable LEDs. Also, before buying, I can change any color in each lamp (blue, white, yellow, red)

The lamp design is completely thought out for the long life of the LEDs. All components are new and of high quality with serviceability.. The stand is made of oak and covered with oil. It can be placed on any surface. I will also make an engraving for you with congratulations or any text on the stand for free. You will receive many pictures of your lamp before shipment, we will discuss all the details until we are sure that you are satisfied.








Dimensions: length 20 cm x width 20 cm x height 25 cm
Weight: 1kg
Material: copper, brass, glass, oak, radio tubes, decorative elements.
Lamp: 12V diode lamps + spare diode kit
Power wire: 12V adapter (EU, UK, US, Australia) (110-220V) no additional adapters, power supplies exactly for your outlet standard. Touch dimmer switch

🔍You will receive a complete overview of your order before the package is shipped.

🔍I always track your order until you receive it. I am in touch on Facebook / Instagram

🔍If you can’t find your country for delivery – write to me.

Best regards.



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